Redefining the Workplace after COVID-19

HGA experts consider the future of workplace and consider how COVID-19 will redefine the workplace.

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As people around the world consider the future of their workplaces, safety has emerged as a consistent theme. Factors to consider include cost, maintenance, and environmental quality. As we redefine the workplace, it is also important to ask how we might balance those safety factors with other integral elements: flexibility, control, comfort, collaboration, and innovation.

Developed by a team of experts at HGA we delve into six key areas of post COIVD-19 workplaces.

We examine the impact of material selection, look at social distancing in the office, discuss training for staff, share safety measures that may be implemented, consider how shared items in the workplace will change, discuss cleaning guidelines and schedules, and dive into how a building’s infrastructure can impact workplace wellness.

For details, download Redefining Workplace. For questions about this piece, please contact Melissa Pesci.

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HGA has created a hub for our insights and reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic as architects, engineers, interior designers, and problem solvers. Follow the conversation here.