University of San Sebastian - CIC nanoGUNE

A Place For Nano Activity

Located on the campus of the University of San Sebastian, nanoGUNE is a government-sponsored initiative in nanoscience.

Designed in collaboration with Spanish architect Javier San Jose Marques, HGA planned the specialized nanotechnology laboratory spaces for the 6000 m2 facility.

The building houses various nano initiatives including bio-nano, imaging, nano-fab, and optics. The lowest floor contains high performance functions in double height space, including TEM (transmission electron microscope), STM (scanning tunneling microscope), and E-Beam lithography. Upper floors contain biology, chemistry and optics labs as well as a lecture hall and cafe.

The e-beam lithography tool was installed in a sound proof enclosure within the cleanroom, but a segregated control room was added on the non-clean side to allow access to non-gowned personnel. The imaging suite consists of ten isolated rooms, each served by a two-level service gallery. The lower level is for pumps and chillers and the upper level has dedicated fan coil units. The corridor at the perimeter is also lined with glass walls, allowing the natural light to extend into the control areas, making the imaging suite a nice place to work.

NanoGUNE means “place for nano activity” in Basque, and the attractive setting combines with the unique facilities to make an ideal platform for a new scientific community, recruited de novo. nanoGUNE is one of several CICs in Spain and receives funding from the European Research Council to find applications for its innovative research. Technology transfer plays a critical role in social and economic development, and nanoGUNE seeks to build a sustainable future through its scientific culture.


Donostia - San Sebastian

Building Type

Nanotechnology, cleanroom, lecture hall, offices


77,000 SF

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