SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital

Catalyst for Development

An urban infill project on the Medical School campus, the SSM Saint Louis University Hospital replacement hospital is a catalyst for redevelopment of the southwest end of a central business district. HGA is the planning and design architect for the 800,000 SF, $550 million replacement academic medical center in downtown Saint Louis.

Utilizing Evidence based design and Biophilic Design as a baseline for best practice resulted in a design and palette development largely focused on organic forms/ textures and natural, sustainable materials. More specifically, the design of the interior focused around two main ideas – creating an environment that exudes modern medicine while also reflecting the warmth and compassion this healthcare organization has towards its community and patients.

Giving the impression of modern medicine, the curving, sinuous lines within the wood clad forms in the main commons, draw your eyes through the space and direct them to the immediate central courtyard green space just outside of dining. The soft, tonal palette with a light wood adds to the modern, fresh and uplifting impression SSM Health and St Louis University wanted to create for the hospital. Based in a foundation of terrazzo, naturally finished Ash and Quartz to look like Carrara marble the palette aims to be classic, timeless and durable.

In its essence, the project consists of three parts – Ambulatory Care Center, Commons, and Hospital Bedtower. To tie into the community, each portion included accents, motifs and artwork reflecting the adjacent neighborhoods to provide a welcoming, familiar environment for patients, family and staff celebrating a culture they are part of.

Throughout the design process, community members were given the opportunity to review the design progress and influence the direction it took. This feedback helped guide the team towards what was ultimately meaningful to those they serve.


St. Louis, MO

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825,000 SF

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