Sleep Number Headquarters

Evolutionary Workspace Driven By Culture, Community, And Collaboration

The design team’s inspiration for Sleep Number’s new Minneapolis headquarters came from the company’s five core values: Passion, Integrity, Innovation, Courage, and Teamwork. These five principles formed the foundation for the design and drove the teams to create a new home that inspires employees to change lives.

Sleep Number and HGA began working together in 2007 when the firm designed Sleep Number’s suburban headquarters, so it was natural that HGA help the iconic company find a new home when their lease was expiring.

Success came in the form of a 250,000 SF outdated data-center encompassing an entire city block in downtown Minneapolis. The site was an opportunity to create a bold brand statement – something uniquely Sleep Number. HGA and Sleep Number also realized that the new location could drive a new era of culture, community and collaboration for the company, shifting to focus more on “we” and less on “me”.

The design team recognized that technology and department integration is the enabler rather than the inhibitor. With its new space, collaboration is now the norm and “cubes” are a thing of the past for Sleep Number employees.

The overall floor plan is organized like a small town with a plaza in the center that includes meeting rooms, specialty coffee bar and a technology help desk that draw employees in. High-functioning workstations integrated with casual collaborative spaces are organized in “neighborhoods” surrounding the plaza. A central, two-story staircase encourages circulation between floors encouraging easy connectivity and coordination wherever employees work.

With this new design, Sleep Number’s entire first floor is devoted to innovation with a Product Research and Development Center as well as a Retail Innovation Lab. This is the first time these departments are in the same building as the rest of the company.

HGA’s design for Sleep Number is modern, purposeful and authentic. Quiet and understated yet bold, the company’s brand experience is infused throughout the environment. Sleep Number shades of blue, balanced with warm nature-inspired materials create a modern workspace with a rustic-chic style that feels like home. The new headquarters is place where well-being is fostered, and it all starts with great sleep.


Minneapolis, MN

Building Type

Corporate Headquarters


250,000 SF

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Sleep Number's brand experience is infused throughout—creating a modern, purposeful and authentic new home that inspires employees to change lives.