San Diego State University | Main Stage, Second Stage, and Amenities Pavilion

Raising the Profile of Arts on Campus

A collection of new and renovated performing arts facilities on the campus of San Diego State University offers a flexible platform for instruction and experimentation while serving to raise the profile of the performing arts on campus and beyond.

The first of three components, the renovation of the 491-seat Main Stage improves sightlines and universal access, recalibrates seating, and reshapes acoustics to provide an encouraging venue for student performers within a setting that is both visually iconic and contextually responsive.

Conceived foremost as a flexible armature for student performance and instruction, the new 150-seat Second Stage Theater will foster exploration of contemporary and historical, as well as western and non-western, theatrical forms.

Located directly off the arts mall that connects the Main and Second stages, a new Amenities Pavilion consolidates ticketing, concessions, and restrooms serving all the venues in the newly revitalized performing arts district.


San Diego, CA

Building Type

Performing Arts


25,000 SF

  • 2020 AN Best of Design Awards, Honorable Mention

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