Riveredge Nature Center - River Outpost and Education Center

Stepping Stones to Learning

Part of the Riveredge Nature Center’s mission is to “create partnerships that help people integrate nature into their everyday lives.” The Center believes in removing barriers for youth, adults, and families to outdoor activities and learning. Riveredge Nature Center has a big goal: to become the leading Midwest destination for learning, discovering, and experiencing the interconnections between nature and society.

The stars at the Center are the amazing prairie, spectacular forests, and the Milwaukee River. These buildings help draw visitors to Riveredge, but also serve the higher purpose of connecting to the landscape, touching the ground lightly and providing the stepping stones to learning. No trees are required to be cut for construction of the River Outpost, and the site also incorporates existing stone ruins and stone fireplace to create a gathering place among the trees.

This 2,000 SF project serves as an educational hub for students for hands-on learning in the Milwaukee River, and a recreational hub for kayaking programs in order to provide the opportunity for a deeper connection with the River for all visitors.


Saukville, WI

Building Type

Learning Spaces


2,000 SF

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