Ramsey County Library Master Plan

Master Plan Guides Local Libraries

In 2008, HGA worked with representatives of the Ramsey County Library System staff, Library Board and community to collaborate on developing a Library Facilities Master Plan for the next 10 years.

Ramsey County Library system has a rich history of delivering library services to their communities. Together with Ramsey County, HGA assessed current library services and facilities, applying knowledge of industry trends and best practices, incorporating demographic and environmental data, and collectively developing a set of recommendations to create a framework for the next generation of library services. Key recommendations from the Master Plan include:

  1. Renovate Roseville Branch
  2. Increase supported self-service model
  3. Increase customer centered feedback model
  4. Develop a mix of regional and portal libraries
  5. Create a third regional library in the northern part of the county
  6. Develop portal libraries as part of multi-use facilities
  7. Implement a regular nine year cycle of refurbishment
  8. Name the libraries connecting them to the system

Since 2008, Ramsey County Library successfully implemented the entire Facilities Master Plan and built upon these recommendations. The 2017 replacement and transformation of the Shoreview Library marks completion of these Master Plan recommendations, an amazing series of accomplishments –  benefiting library patrons across the county.


Ramsey County, Minnesota

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