Cool, Funky Tech Incubator For Collaboration

PayPal continues to be at the forefront of the digital payments revolution. It’s no surprise that as a leader in the financial services industry, they believe in putting people at the center of everything they do.

Our design of Building 15 is centered around people and the work modes that enable them to reach their full creative and innovative potential. A key design theme – nature meets technology – activates highly social spaces and calms areas designed for focus and wellness. A colorful “ribbon” of light weaves through the floor plate acting as a visual representation of the global technological connectedness throughout the company as well as providing wayfinding.

Anchored by a neutral base palette, color plays a bold role in furnishings and wall graphics providing ultimate flexibility in future refreshes.

Speed and efficiency are two major focuses for the end users in this building. Careful consideration was given to the location and composition of each neighborhood and the corresponding social anchor points, as these components enable the end user to modify their engagement with their team throughout the day and dial up focus work or collaborative work as necessary.

Dynamic social anchor points give the groups area to break away and refresh without disturbing the other employees on the floor.

Before the renovation, PayPal was averaging 200 SF/person in their existing space. In the new space we were able to achieve a ratio of roughly 152 SF/person – a 24% reduction.

The end result is a space with more opportunity for collaboration and cool, funky places for employees to do their best work.


San Jose, CA

Building Type



100,000 SF

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