International Dairy Queen

Forward-Looking Vision for an Iconic Consumer Brand

Energy and branding dominate International Dairy Queen’s new headquarters which focuses on
a forward-looking vision for the global quick-service restaurant leader. Creating and celebrating joy were requirements that designers took to heart when creating this space.

Site Selection

After assisting International Dairy Queen with their site selection, narrowing from five separate sites down to Normandale Lakes Office Park, we got to work designing a creative, and highly functional space for one of the world’s most beloved and iconic brands.

Sophisticated Kitsch

Our design team blended sophistication and kitsch in a way they labelled ‘sophisti-kitsch’ that captures both a modern office and the fun behind the International Dairy Queen brand. Custom-designed furniture, fixtures, and artwork come together to create a joyful space. Highlights include the S’mores Booth, made to look like graham crackers and chocolate with white marshmallow pillows, the cake cone ceiling, and the two-story ice cream cone wall.

Reinventing Collaboration

Beyond the fun design, we helped International Dairy Queen reinvent how they collaborate by infusing a wide-range of unique meeting spaces, each one developed to stand on its own, while offer employees various options as to where to do their best work. Destination spaces such as a living room, a treadmill room, and an energizing work cafe allow employees to have casual, impromptu interactions.

A Test Kitchen

A must have for International Dairy Queen was a working test kitchen, no easy feat in a traditional office park. Ensuring a space for creativity and experimentation, the kitchen features space for all necessary equipment for a commercial kitchen and a brand-new product testing lab. Adjoined to the kitchen and testing lab space is a large, multi-purpose room that can be used as one large meeting room or be divided into three separate meeting rooms making their quick service possible even in the office.

Boosting attraction and retention, maximizing natural light, and fostering creativity were all goals that we helped International Dairy Queen achieve in this ‘sophisti-kitsch’ space.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Building Type

Workplace, Test Kitchen


53,000 SF

  • 2019 MNCREW Excellence in Design Award

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