Humble Bundle

Making A Move While Maintaining Culture

Humble Bundle, a distribution platform for video games, software, and more, brought us in early to help transition into a larger space that would better accommodate their needs. In helping with site selection, we ensured that they could achieve their business goals while continuing to recruit and retain top talent in a competitive market.

Their previous space had a humble “start-up” nature, yet with their new workspace they wanted something that still expressed that start-up energy while adding the services and size flexibility offered by a San Francisco high-rise building. Humble Bundle contributes a portion of each sale to a charity of the client’s choice so they wanted a space that quietly reinforced their “humble” charitable mission.

Our team designed a space that feels unique but understated and maintains the look, feel, and entrepreneurial culture of the fast-growing company. Open workspace was designed for flexibility and growth including variety of adjustable-height workstations flex for different work styles and staff roles. A series of various-scaled nooks, seating areas, and conference rooms allow individual concentration, small-group collaboration, or large-group meetings. A large communal table in the break room accommodates lunches, game night, or an all-hands meeting. The inviting aesthetics reflect the Humble Bundle gaming products and creates an environment that supports not only their mission but the happiness of their employees.



San Francisco, CA

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11,500 SF

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