88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Catalyst For Community Engagement

88Nine Radio Milwaukee celebrates Milwaukee—through music and stories, it is a catalyst for creating a better, more inclusive, and engaged community.

Formerly located in the basement of Milwaukee Public Schools’ administration building, 88Nine’s previous studio and office space made it physically difficult to connect with the community and fulfill its mission. Realizing the need for a more accommodating facility, we created a space that inspires people to be more involved, vocal, and positive about the community. It is a space that reflects the passion of its staff and supporters; an urban space that serves as a community “town square”; a centerpiece of music, cultural and social happenings; a space that is an important part of daily life; and a space for storytelling.

The broadcast studio and offices for Radio Milwaukee enhance the independent radio station’s community engagement with a range of programming, from regularly broadcasts to public tours, artist visits, on-air studio performances, volunteering, internship programs, community discussion, and video production. The station actively mobilizes its listeners to support the extensive network of Milwaukee non-profit organizations and their philanthropic ventures.

The renovated 14,000 SF, two-story Walkers Point is a transformative presence in the Walker’s Point neighborhood, bringing to life a long vacant building. It will spur other projects, bring new people to the area, and benefit local businesses, thereby allowing 88Nine to take full advantage of their potential for community building that goes beyond the airwaves—bringing people together for live performances and community events.



Milwaukee, WI

Building Type

Radio Station


14,000 SF

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