New Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center Fosters a Holistic Healing Environment

Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center opens renovated and expanded cancer treatment center with a focus on connection.

The Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Cancer in Los Angeles, California, provides state-of-the-art medical care, blended with compassion and support for patients as they deal with the challenges presented by their disease. By reinforcing connection and familiarity with patients, their care team, and the healthcare environment, the Center creates one-stop communities of care delineated by cancer specialties.

As Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center’s nationally ranked oncology services grew in reputation, a new system-wide Neighborhood Strategy emerged that included construction of five clinics throughout the Los Angeles area. In tandem, leadership decided to elevate the holistic flagship cancer center out of the basement of the main hospital and co-locate infusion services and specialties on the 7th floor of the Advanced Sciences Health Pavilion.

The 7th Floor Neighborhood concept provides staff-focused collaborative work environments and other operational efficiencies. The most significant project to date is the 10,000 SF cancer center expansion and 35,000 SF remodel that adds 13 Infusion Bay chairs in a healing environment with upgraded mechanical systems, strong organizational layout, comforting interior finishes, and improved waiting areas.

HGA conceptualized the holistic healing environments through sustainability, integration of art, and maximizing access to natural light. In approaching the expansion, HGA interviewed patients, family, and staff to understand their experiences. Using this data, healing design and the integration of nature became the focus of the design effort. Among the responses, the patients asked for a “cozy, comfortable, and clean” space with soothing colors, natural light, and more privacy. Staff likewise asked for an efficient, low-maintenance space that responds to both patients and staff’s needs to best meet the concerns of their patients.

“By applying unique oncology patient voice of the customer values into planning options, the space promotes a sense of community and well-being or patients and staff with the goal of improved clinical outcomes,” said Jennifer Ries, senior medical planner and office director at HGA Los Angeles.

Natural materials were incorporated throughout the facility, as well as energy- and water-efficient fixtures and sensors, and Energy Star equipment. Each private infusion bay is surrounded by partial height walls and includes comfortable seating, individual light fixtures, thermostat control, storage for incidentals, shelving, and shoji screens for privacy.

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This press release first appeared on Cedars-Sinai. For more information or to view a virtual tour, visit Cedars-Sinai.